How to Spot a Potential Toothache

How to Spot a Potential Toothache

Do you know how to spot a potential toothache? Although toothaches have many causes and symptoms, it may be possible that the symptoms are associated with other underlying conditions in your oral health. Nevertheless, it is always important to check for any irregularities and abnormalities in your oral health and have them treated as quickly as possible.

One of the most obvious and common signs of a toothache is actual aches in a tooth. A toothache is caused by damage to the nerve endings in a tooth, so it stands that discomfort or pain should be experienced. Typically, a toothache will continue to hurt long after pain medications have been used.

Visual clues to a toothache include noticeable discharge and swelling in your face, most commonly around signs of an abscess or inflamed tooth. If you have experienced any blunt trauma or oral accidents recently, the chances are high that the pain you continue to feel is due to the accident damaging the nerve endings. Toothaches can even occur to teeth that are beginning to break above the gumline for the first time. This is somewhat common with wisdom teeth. Other signs include high fevers, rashes, and fluctuating chills.

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