Keep Those Dental Checkups!

Keep Those Dental Checkups!

Even though winter is on the horizon and you are busy with festive get-togethers and commitments, don’t forget your commitment to your pearly whites. The American Dental Association recommends seeing your dentist twice a year for cleanings and checkups. It also maintains that this visit is one of the most important to your oral health.

When you come to your dental appointment, here is what you can expect.

–A skilled hygienist will get you comfortable chair side, and begin cleaning your teeth. To help with this, your dental team has an special tools to remove plaque and tartar which has steadily built up since your last cleaning. While tartar is difficult to remove at home, you can keep bacterial plaque in check before it turns to tartar with a meticulous daily brushing and flossing routine. Left untreated, built-up tartar can cause tooth decay and gum disease.

–After cleaning your teeth, your hygienist will check for tooth decay using a dental probe. Your teeth will then be polished using a mildly abrasive tooth polish and rotary tool designed to alleviate mild staining on your teeth. If you have deeper discoloration, your hygienist or dentist may recommend possible tooth whitening options.

–Your dentist can now inspect your teeth and gums for any problems. This may include taking x-rays to see your bone health. Your dentist will also perform a basic oral screening for cancer by examining your tongue, throat, face and neck for any unusual swelling or infection.

While you are visiting with your dentist is a good time to ask questions or discuss any problems you are having with your oral hygiene.

This winter, gift yourself excellent oral health by keeping your scheduled teeth cleanings and paying extra attention to your daily oral hygiene routine. Give our office a call at 919-471-9106 and let us help you ring in the new year with your healthiest smile ever!

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