Receive Quality Treatment for Your Tooth Abscess

Receive Quality Treatment for Your Tooth Abscess

A tooth abscess is a painful infection between the gum and tooth, or is based at the tooth’s root. Many symptoms include a loose tooth from root decay, swelling in the jaw or neck, swollen or red gums, sensitivity when eating hot or cold substances, general discomfort, or fever. Desiree T. Palmer, DMD, PA and Associates wants to give you the quality treatment you and your smile deserve.

When inspecting your teeth, swelling and redness of the gums are a first sign to your dentist of a possible tooth abscess. Using a dental instrument to inspect your teeth, they will tap or press it to see if there is pain. Another indication to your dentist is if there is pain when you bite down or close your mouth tightly. To get a full report, an x-ray will be taken to see the bone and/or gum loss around the abscess.

Treatments for an abscess include draining the abscess through either an incision in the swollen gum, a root canal to remove diseased root tissue (usually covered by a crown), or removing the tooth to drain through the socket. A dental implant later replaces the removed tooth. The infection will spread and continue destroying tissues if left untreated.

Antibiotics are another treatment, and over-the-counter medication and warm salt water rinses can ease your pain. Schedule an appointment or consultation with Desiree T. Palmer, DMD, PA and Associates to receive the oral care you deserve. Call 919-471-9106 today where our team here in Durham, North Carolina, will be happy to tend to your needs!

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