Smiling During The Holidays

Smiling During The Holidays

Holidays are a time to relax and indulge in the festivities without a care in the world, but it also a time when our dental health may be at most risk. Sugary drinks, alcohol, and desserts are common sights during Christmas, and on top of that laziness to brush and floss, every night can greatly take a toll on our teeth.

Regardless of how busy or tired you are, it is crucial to keep your dental health in mind. Listed below are 5 tips that will help you keep your smile healthy and bright during and even after the party-filled season.

1. Avoid Candy Canes

Hard candy can be easily found during the holidays, ranging from peppermints to candy canes, but it can chip your teeth if you bite down too hard. For this reason, it is best to steer clear of anything that may cause tooth fracture or any other kind of damage. Stick to soft candies or if you must enjoy a hard candy now and then, allow it to completely dissolve to avoid damage. However, make sure to properly brush your teeth after you consume any kind.

2. Steer Clear of Sodas and other Teeth-Staining Drinks

Holiday parties are brimmed with soda, but this sugar-laden substance is always bad news for your teeth. If you want to indulge in something in something bubbly, try frizzy water instead. If you are craving soda or any other teeth-staining drinks (red wine, coffee, tea), drink it with a straw to prevent the liquids from sticking to your teeth.

3. Munch on Cheese

Pick cheese to snack with if you are drinking alcoholic drinks at holiday parties. First of all, cheese is a detergent food that cleans your teeth when you eat it. Second, the pH neutralizing effects help balance the acid that is present in boozy drinks, plus the calcium is excellent for the health of your teeth.

4. Stock Up On Fruit

Rather than filling up on sugary and starchy desserts at your holiday meal, go for fruit instead. If you are attending a party with a variety of pies and cakes, try sticking to a single a sweet dish and then prepare a big plate of fruits to satisfy your cravings.

5. Care for Your Teeth After Eating

It is always recommended to brush your teeth after a meal, but if that’s not possible then use a mouthwash. Pack a rinse in your bag and use it to properly wash out any leftover food particles and bacteria. This will not only clean your mouth but also give you fresher breath.

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